“I Am Very Happy To Receive My First Bible.”

Helping to lead children to Jesus in Guatemala.

Felipe* is a young boy entering his teenage years. He and his younger siblings have always gone to church and Sunday school, but it was still difficult for him to live out the lessons of the Bible while growing up.

It can be challenging for children in Guatemala like Felipe to know the best way to live their lives. Nearly half the country struggles with poverty, and many children suffer from chronic malnutrition. It would be easy for anyone to lose hope for the future, even at Felipe’s age.

Despite having a church home, during times of worry and doubt, Felipe struggled with his behavior. He was acting out and taking his frustrations out on others.

Then, he received his first Bible, thanks to our generous partners. Now he has hope and a future in Christ.

“The Word of God has helped me when I have difficult times,” Felipe says. “I used to be a bully and tease others, but now I don’t do it anymore. I am praying more now. I am very happy to receive my first Bible.”

Felipe is looking forward to his new life in Christ. He has a new point of reference he can keep with him as he grows into a teen, and later into an adult.

“I will be able to read the Bible for myself. I want God to help me in all the tests He puts me in as I read His Word.”

Thank you to our friends for giving Scripture to troubled children like Felipe and helping the next generation find Jesus and grow in their faith.

*Name changed for privacy

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