“I lived a dark and twisted life.”

Bibles help share carry the light of the Gospel into even the darkest places.

Just two years ago, Carlos* was unrecognizable. The dark path he had followed left him rejected by family and society. Living on the streets of Paraguay as a prostitute . . . addicted to drugs . . . Carlos was trapped in deception, leading what he calls “an empty and aimless life.”

He recalls how prostitution opened the door for every other dark thing in his life. The shame. The drug addiction. The bitterness. The hopelessness. Yet there is no life so dark or hidden that the light of the world (John 8:12 GNT) cannot reach it.

During an evangelistic outreach event, Carlos heard the Gospel message and received his very first Bible. Now he proclaims with a radiant smile, “The Word of God today is my guide. It is my everything and it has influenced all areas of my life. It gave me freedom. It gives me healing. Since I met Jesus, I have not returned to prostitution. So much is the change that God has made in my life that my greatest desire is to be an evangelist.”

Carlos is well on his way to fulfilling that calling. “Since I met Jesus, I have shared the love of God with 80 to 100 people,” he says. “Prostitutes, children abandoned by their parents, old women who were prostitutes that God allowed me to take to church. God gave me the opportunity to sow the seed to many unprotected people. Even to my family, who despised me and wouldn’t allow me in their homes.”

Carlos is deeply grateful for the Bible provided by our generous partners, and for the new beginning he has experienced in Christ. We are so thankful for the commitments to send the Word of God where it is desperately needed!

*Name changed for privacy

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