“I can’t possibly deliver that many Bibles!”

Former Rocket Scientist honors his wife’s desire to provide children’s Bibles for generations to come.

From the day they met at a church function in 1955, Bill and Winona were in love. They married during their final year of college, and right away, Winona began working with children through Sunday school and other church programs. “She just loved children,” Bill shares.

Bill went to work at Boeing with NASA, working on the Apollo program, Saturn 5, the Lunar Roving Vehicle, as well as space shuttles and the space station during his 36-year career.

Throughout their lives together, Bill and Winona have given away children’s Bibles. After Bill retired, they became missionaries and frequently donated to American Bible Society. Even a few days before she passed away in 2022, Winona mustered the strength to leave children’s picture Bibles on the doorsteps of 75 homes in their rural neighborhood.

Bill, now 88, still gives away Bibles on his own. But to pursue the goal that he and Winona set — to ensure that every child gets a Bible — he realized he needed help. “I thought, ‘I can’t possibly deliver that many Bibles.’ Then a friend told me to find out where God is working and go help them. American Bible Society is already on the front lines all over the world, and it turns out that the annuity not only helps distribute more Bibles, but it’s also good for me.”

Bill was surprised by how easy it was to set up his Charitable Gift Annuity, and appreciates the additional guaranteed lifetime income and tax benefits that it provides. What a great way to continue placing Bibles in the hands and hearts of people all over the world!

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