“I had bullets flying all around me.”

Providing comfort to our Troops in combat — and after.

Airman Brian Thomas clung to God’s Word in the midst of the dangers and horrors of war. “I remembered how one of my brothers in arms died under a troop carrier next to me, but I was still standing on the hope of Psalm 91.”

“I had bullets flying all around me,” he recalls. “It’s strange to raise your head from a bunker and see a red tracer (a bullet that lights up at night) coming right at you. They usually use one tracer every four to five rounds of ammunition, so there were many more I couldn’t see. I prayed, ‘Lord, I am ready to go home if it’s my time!’ The bullet got within 50 yards of me and turned to the right. The next one turned to the left! I knew an angel was in front of me batting them away!”

Thanks to the support of our ministry’s generous friends, Thomas was carrying his own copy of American Bible Society’s Military Bible. “I quoted Psalm 91 every day and I know God’s Word brought me home. The Lord saved my life.”

Thomas made it through heavy gunfire attacks, nearby grenade explosions, mortar shells targeting his barracks, and more to get home. Now retired, he often thinks back on how many of his brothers-in-arms never made it home, and prays for those who are still serving in far-off places and in harm’s way.

Thank you to our partners for letting our American Service Members and Veterans know that they are not forgotten by making Military Bibles available to our Troops

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