“I have changed in every way”

Bibles are changing lives in Uruguay.

The pandemic brought great trauma and pain to Angelica* and her husband, Frederico*. Like many families, they have faced both emotional and financial challenges. On top of the pressures and burdens they carried before the outbreak, Frederico lost his father, and soon afterwards, the two lost their daughter as well.

Throughout all this, Frederico and Angelica struggled to find strength and hope without their own Bibles to bring them comfort. And the two are not alone. The pandemic has pushed nearly 100,000 Uruguayans below the poverty line, making it difficult for many to afford a Bible.

Without a Bible, Angelica felt she was living “a totally empty life.” Their situation was dire,and Frederico suffered, assuming he “would no longer exist.”

But Frederico and Angelica’s lives were changed forever when they received Bibles from generous friends of American Bible Society.

Receiving his Bible and reading it for the first time was very powerful for Frederico. He says, “It was beautiful to feel that I had faith again, that everything will be all right. I haven’t stopped reading it.”

The change after receiving a Bible was drastic for Angelica as well. “I feel totally different in the decisions I make. I have changed in every way.”

Last year, American Bible Society’s partners brought struggling families comfort through Scripture with the 1 Million Bibles for Latin America project.

“I can’t understand how I could live without the Bible. It is our life manual,” Angelica said.

Thank you for changing the lives of hurting people and bringing them hope for eternity.

*Names changed for privacy

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