“If God can heal my son …”

In China, a father finds hope through daily reading of God’s Word.

Xin grew up in a Christian household, but he didn’t become a believer until he was an adult—when his son was diagnosed with cancer. The family had limited access to quality medical care, and Xin was terrified he would lose his only child.

“I do not have any money for you to seek expensive medical treatment,” said Xin’s mother, when he asked her for help. “But I do know God. He is powerful and better than money.”

They prayed together, and Xin promised, “If God can heal my son, I will believe and follow him the rest of my life.”

At that time, Xin received a Bible and began reading. Just two months later, the cancer was gone.

“I became a daily reader of my Bible,” Xin says. “In this book, God talked to me. Now, I also volunteer at the church and serve in any way they ask.” Because he is a farmer, he generously makes food available for free to those who are hungry.

Much has changed for Chinese Christians, like Xin, in the past decade, leading to an explosive demand for Bibles. Millions of seekers still don’t have a Bible of their own.

Xin is so grateful for how his life has changed after receiving the Bible. “I speak to God and he hears me. But I also listen to him each day as I read so I know his will.”

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