“If I Didn’t Have a Bible … I Wouldn’t Have Found My Way to Eternal Life.”

You are changing lives in South Asia through Scripture!

Living in rural South Asia, many people like Anika* endure difficult conditions without running water, and one in five experience poverty. Many people are unable to read, and many who can read are unable to access the Scriptures they hope for.

Anika prayed every day for God’s blessing and strength, but she could not obtain God’s Word in her small village.

But through the generosity of our Partners, Anika received her very own Bible — and she reads it daily!

Now, with their support, Anika finds strength in God’s Word and believes the Scriptures she received made a major difference in her life. She says, “The Bible means a lot for me. It gives me all kinds of knowledge like God’s love and plan in my life.”

Other believers in her village were overjoyed to receive their own Bibles as well, including those who cannot read but still gained access to Scripture thanks to the audio Bibles you helped provide.

“The Bible was my best gift ever, Anika continues. “I want to thank the Bible Society for this beautiful Bible. If I didn’t have a Bible . . . I wouldn’t have found my way to eternal life.”

The generosity of our faithful friends is providing Bibles and audio Bibles across South Asia. We are grateful to our financial partners for helping to transform lives and reach the unreached with God’s Word.

*Name changed for privacy

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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