“It’s like I’m listening to God …”

Sending Scriptures into Cambodia where God is transforming lives

As a child in Cambodia, 11-year-old Dara* has known little but poverty and struggle in his short life. Most people in his small village are poor farmers, and the stress and pressure can cause trouble in a family.

Dara hates it when his “parents fight and argue … they fight a lot.” So, when Dara heard that God loves all people and brings peace, he couldn’t believe it! He wanted to learn more.

“But my church only has five very old copies of the Bible, which were torn and messed up,” he explains. “It was hard to read and didn’t have any pictures. I didn’t know where to start reading as it’s so thick.”

One day, Dara learned the Bible Society would be distributing Bibles for children! “The books weren’t very thick and even had beautiful pictures,” he says. “This Bible is a very valuable thing which helps me to understand about God. When I read this book, it’s like I’m listening to God speaking to me.”

Dara says he also reads his book to his parents, who are illiterate, and they are learning more about God too. “If I didn’t have this book, I wouldn’t know much about God,” he says. “I thank and bless the Bible Society for giving me this book.”

The continued support of American Bible Society partners will transform lives through the power of Scripture for children in places like Cambodia where violence, corruption, and immorality are rampant.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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