Israeli Children Love the Illustrated New Testament

Jacoba’s granddaughter didn’t want to stop reading her Bible before bedtime.

With so few Christians living in Israel, Jacoba* wanted to be sure that her granddaughter knows Jesus. Christians make up less than two percent of Israel’s population, and even fewer are Hebrew-speaking Christians like Jacoba.

Jacoba tries to encourage her granddaughter’s growing faith, but with few resources designed for children, that’s not always easy to do. She has a Bible, but it is printed in black and white — with no illustrations. It didn’t hold a child’s attention.

The Bible Society realized its children’s Scriptures needed bright, colorful drawings that bring the people in the Bible to life. Illustrated Bibles had been published before, but those in Hebrew hadn’t been available for about 40 years.

With the generous support of financial partners like you, the Bible Society was able to publish the Illustrated Hebrew New Testament and provide thousands of Israeli children with their very own copies of this child-friendly resource.

Jacoba’s granddaughter received her New Testament at a church gathering. At the end of the day, she tucked it under her arm and returned to her grandmother’s home. “She was excited to receive it,” said Jacoba.

When it was time for bed, the young girl took the book to bed with her. She had been reading for about 40 minutes when her grandmother told her it was time to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

“Grandmother, I want to read more,” she said. “Can you leave the lights on?” They were words of joy to Jacoba’s ears, as well as to Bible Society staff who heard the story from Jacoba.

“It is a joy to receive the feedback and thanks from the parents telling us how much the children enjoy the new books,” says Victor Kalisher, executive director of the Bible Society in Israel. “We know that God will use His Word and the beautiful illustrations to touch their hearts and minds in a special way, and help them grow in Him.”

*Name changed for security

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