Million Bible Mission In Cuba: “It’s a Miracle!”

How God is transforming a communist country through His Word

God is moving in historic ways as the Bible is touching more lives in Cuba than once seemed possible. Nearly 240,000 Scriptures were delivered to Cuba this year alone! Never before have so many Bibles been distributed in a single year in Cuba!

The nation, which has a population of 11 million people and a nearly 100 percent literacy rate, is experiencing an unprecedented growth of Christianity. The church in Cuba is estimated to be growing at a pace of 10 percent to 15 percent per year.

Dr. Roy Peterson, President of American Bible Society, says, “Look at what God is doing in Cuba. It’s a miracle!”

God is transforming this nation through distribution and Scripture engagement efforts. But the need is still urgent. Four out of 10 believers don’t have their own Bible. One local partner says it is common for 15 people to share a single Bible!

“To provide Bibles will change lives by bringing God’s Word to the people there,” says Alain Montano, a local Christian leader in Cuba. “This is a country where scraps of Scripture have been passed on pieces of paper hand-to-hand between believers because Bibles just were not available.”

The people of Cuba are crying out for God’s Word, and the Million Bible Mission in Cuba is working to put a Bible in the waiting hands and open hearts of more than one million Cuban Christians. This initiative will reach five distinct audiences: school-aged children receiving their first Bible; teens and college-aged youth; adult new believers; prisoners; and seminary students and clergy.

This effort is desperately needed. We simply cannot keep up with all the requests for Scriptures we receive from Cuba. When we can supply more Bibles, they will answer the prayers of Cubans who are seeking God.

“You are messengers of heaven,” said one pastor at a Bible distribution. “Thank you!”

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