Music and Scripture From the Heart

Joshua Johnson, right, is the winner of the ABS Scripture Song Award for amateur class. Presenting the award is Dr. Joseph Crockett, Special Assistant to the President of ABS. Photo courtesy of GMA Immerse.

Something exciting happens when today's top Christian musicians move from song to words, telling of the greatness of God's Word. ABS again partnered with the Gospel Music Association (GMA) and this spring's national Dove Awards to shine a spotlight on the power of God’s Word and its message for new generations.

Sitting with our ministry teams, hundreds of these artists shared personal stories for video release on ABS's growing web community, Share Your Story Now ( Additionally, ABS worked this summer with aspiring Christian musicians, sponsoring a Scripture Song Contest as part of the GMA's Immerse National Talent Competition, July 29-August 2.

As one contributor to this music-based ministry project, singer/songwriter Matthew West offered, “Looking back, I realize now just how much of God's Word was hidden in my heart from an early age. I see how much it continues to resurface at just the right moment when I need to be reassured of God's will or his message, his direction, his guidance in my life.”

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