“My Bible … what a wonderful treasure!”

A woman in Uganda receives her own multiple-volume Braille Bible.

Every year on June 24, Margaret Ninsiima celebrates her son’s birthday. She also celebrates what she calls her thanks-giving day. “Every year, I commit myself to always have a thanks-giving day to express my gratitude to God,” she says.

Margaret, a project assistant for a youth with disabilities organization in Uganda, is grateful for many things. She’s grateful for her son. And this year, she is especially grateful that she will be able to perform the readings in church on her son’s birthday. It’s not something Margaret has been able to do because she is blind, and before this year she never had a Braille Bible.

“I have always wished to take readings on such a big day so that public awareness is raised about my disability, but had no chance since I had no Braille Bible,” she says.

But this year was different because of the generosity of American Bible Society’s financial partners. With their support, Margaret received her own multiple-volume Braille Bible from the Bible Society of Uganda. It arrived on Good Friday, March 30. “My Bible … what a wonderful treasure!” she says. “Thanks be to God!”

On that holy day, Margaret was asked to perform a reading during the Stations of the Cross portion of the service. She remembers it was raining heavily as she stood under a tarp to read from her Bible. “With only me covered, proclaiming the news of Jesus Christ in a language that I understand best: Braille.”

So this year, about three months later on her son’s birthday, Margaret was ready and equipped to perform the reading in church. Picking up on Margaret’s excitement, the pastor asked her to perform both readings during the service.

“I felt the glory of God when I was taking this reading on my thanks-giving and my son’s birth day,” she says. “What a wonderful opportunity that we have to serve God despite our physical disability.”

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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