“The Word Of God Changed My Life Completely.”

Providing believers in Angola with their own Bible

For many believers living in Angola, obstacles often come between them and the chance to hold and cherish their own Bibles. A lack of infrastructure has kept small towns and roadless areas wanting for Scripture. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching those in distant regions became even more difficult.

A dedicated believer, Catherine*, once had her own Bible to keep with her and use in prayer. She cherished her Bible, but her desire to share the Word of God compelled her to give hers to another who needed it. But going through daily life, prayer, and meditation without a Bible became a disheartening reality.

“The Bible I had, I gave to someone who had been evangelized and discipled, so that this person would not fail to connect with God,” she says. “The Word of God changed my life completely. I had to offer mine.”

She anxiously waited to receive her own Bible once more. “Not having a Bible was very difficult for me . . . I felt bad because I saw others handling their Bibles and I couldn’t.”

“The moment I received this Bible was one of great satisfaction and emotion. After going a long time without having a Bible, I feel blessed.”

With her new Bible, Catherine can strengthen and practice her faith more than before. “Every time I read the Bible, I feel more connected with God,” she says.

Thank you to our faithful partners for helping to bring faithful believers like Catherine the Bibles they yearn for.

*Name changed for privacy

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