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‘A Soldier's Hope' at Christmas
Christian trio Point of Grace gave 10 concerts in December, singing traditional and original Christmas music and promoting American Bible Society's Armed Services Ministry. From Nashville to California, the concerts featured a compelling video inviting attendees to support ministry to America's troops.

Speaking Up for the Lakota
Arlene M. Marshall said, “I am a Lakota Sioux woman who understands the language because Lakota was my grandmother's and my mother's first language. . . . The forced removal of children from their home life and language has caused many of our people great hardship throughout the generations. It is important that the youth of today, who are struggling for an identity as a Lakota, can speak, pray and live in a world with respect as a Lakota. . . .[This will] help them fully understand what it means to be a Lakota again and what being a true Christian is really about: respect, honor, compassion, generosity, forgiving and love. Thank you for the commitment and dedication to the enormous task of translating the Bible into Lakota.”

New Scripture Products
Favorite Bible Stories and Amazing Facts Trivia tidbits, fascinating facts and 27 of the best-loved Bible stories pack this accessible, newly issued book from American Bible society and Time Inc. Appropriate for school children (ages 9-11), ancient truths and tales are brought to life with colorful illustrations. The Bible stories are based on the Contemporary English Version.

The Financial Stewardship Bible Individuals and groups seeking to use their resources according to biblical principles will benefit from this publication created in collaboration with Compass-Finances God's Way. The Bible features the Contemporary English Version with more than 2,000 highlighted verses about personal stewardship. A 64-page center section includes a 40-day stewardship scripture engagement journey and small group discussion guide with weekly memory verses. Order at

She's My Sister 2012 Bike Tour Takes off June 1
Last year, riding for 39 days and more than 2,000 miles, the She's My Sister cyclists spoke to more than 4,200 people across 14 states. And, with your help, they raised more than $134,000 to support She's My Sister™— American Bible Society's healing ministry to the victims of rape and conflict in the DRC. This year, the tour begins in Daytona Beach on June 1 and will end in New York City the week of July 15.

We encourage you to participate by recruiting others, coordinating a local event to support the tour, or hosting the cycling team at your church for a speaking engagement and lodging. To find out more, visit

Bible Broadcasts on Broadway
If you're in New York City in the Columbus Circle neighborhood, be sure to walk by Bible house and encounter the new media wall that is shining a light on God's story. A screen measuring 10 feet by 15 feet hangs in the glass atrium and offers high-definition, short film experiences lasting 5 to 15 seconds. Passersby can enjoy a thought-provoking and visually stunning experience.

The subject matter changes constantly depending on new material, new issues or current events and holidays — such as a special reel for Easter.

The media wall is one expression of American Bible Society's Bible advocacy initiative. It was designed to pique the curiosity of those outside a traditional church audience. It aims to present a message of hope and compassion that brightens the day for one of the 8,000 people who daily travel past American Bible Society's Manhattan office. If you happen to be at Broadway and 61st Street, be sure to look up!

Online Scripture Resources
‘God Understands' Tailored for Armed Services members and Veterans
God understands you. He understands your hopes and dreams, your sorrows and fears — every one of your emotions. American Bible Society launched the online God Understands™series to bring hope, healing, comfort and encouragement to our Armed services members and Veterans. Check it out at

‘Finding Comfort in Difficult Times'
Turning to God's Word in times of danger has been a common practice for centuries. In 1643, Oliver Cromwell provided soldiers with a printed copy of the Bible for the first time. The exhibition, Finding Comfort in Difficult Times (on view through May 20), brings together “Soldiers' Bibles” that document individual lives within the context of war. Starting with the American Civil War, pocket copies of the New Testament or the entire Bible were regularly distributed by American Bible Society to both Union and Confederate soldiers. Surviving copies of these Scriptures and others bear testimony to their use and tell compelling stories of hardship and faith.

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