Nguyen Exchanges Drug Addiction for Freedom in Christ

Ashamed no more and with Bible in hand, Nguyen shares his powerful story.

Nguyen* would never have admitted it, but he was a prisoner. Addicted to drugs and hostile to anyone who believed in Christ, Nguyen was trapped in a cycle of pain and desperation. He nearly died twice from overdoses, and he supported his addiction by stealing.

Nguyen even mocked those who believed in God. Believers are often persecuted for their faith in Nguyen’s town in Vietnam. Despite the risk, Nguyen’s neighbor tried to share the gospel. But Nguyen decided to read only part of the Bible to make fun of others’ belief in Christ. But God was at work through His Word.

Nguyen eventually went to church. The more Nguyen read the Bible, the more he realized how he was imprisoned by sin and pain.

“I learned that I had sinned and deserved punishment, but that Jesus took my punishment instead,” Nguyen says.

God transformed Nguyen into a new person in Christ. Today, instead of stealing, Nguyen shares God’s Word with others.

Nguyen went from addiction to freedom, from stealing money to sharing hope. He says, “I understand that God loves me in spite of my past.”

American Bible Society financial partners helped Nguyen learn that God had a better plan for his life. We are grateful for their generous support to set others like Nguyen free!

*Named changed to protect identity.

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