“None of them had Bibles.”

Giving our American heroes comfort in combat.

Right now, brave men and women in our military are risking their very lives for our way of life. Our support shows them how much we appreciate their sacrifices by providing them with God’s Word.

Over 150,000 Service Members are deployed around the world, many in dangerous situations. The generous support of our friends provides Bibles and Scripture resources for them in their darkest moments of combat . . . and makes an eternal difference.

“It is imperative to supply Bibles for those that do not know the Lord,” says Chief Petty Officer Randall Williamson*. “I was surprised how many of my Sailors came to faith in Christ while deployed and how many others made a commitment to get closer to the Lord while on deployment. None of them had Bibles with them.”

Williamson says Scripture provides comfort and hope that Troops so desperately need.

“The people who are supplying these Bibles cannot go into battle with these brave men and women, but they can send them into the combat zone armed with God’s Word and their prayers,” Williamson says.

“A Bible makes an eternity’s worth of difference! Bibles bring His Good News . . . and His Good News is a game changer for this life and the next!”

War has consequences, both physically and mentally. Being in combat can have a long-lasting effect. Research shows that around half of the Troops who open Scripture do so hoping to find a message that addresses pain and suffering, hopelessness, and loneliness.

The continued generosity of our partners helps meet this high demand from the men and women who risk so much to serve our nation. Thank you!

*Name changed for privacy

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