“On the Verge of Dying, I Turned to God.”

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Serena’s* world shattered the day her husband died in an accident. Coming from a small village in Southeast Asia, the young couple was very poor. Suddenly widowed with a son to raise on her own, Serena desperately needed to earn a living so they could survive. She began gambling, which led her deeper and deeper into debt. Eventually, Serena found herself working at a motel brothel.

Thanks to our committed financial partners, the Word of God was in that brothel. One evening, Serena received a Bible — but not just any Bible. It had been translated into her heart language, by the Bible Society. For the next two months, she pondered the things of God. Finally, in tears one night after “work,” Serena called a friend to ask her to pray.

Serena gave her life to Jesus during that prayer! Immediately, in her words, “I suddenly felt as light as a feather, as if the burdens were lifted off from me.” She left the brothel with nothing but the clothes on her back and returned to her parents’ home with her son.

Sadly, Serena’s parents vehemently opposed her new Christian faith. They disowned her and tried to throw her out of their house. The turmoil caused Serena to fall ill with an unknown disease that caused disfigurement. Desperate, she cried out to Jesus for healing. After six months, all symptoms miraculously disappeared!

Now, Serena has devoted her life to glorifying God and telling as many people as possible about Jesus. Through our partners faithful generosity, they have helped translate the Bible for millions of people worldwide — giving them the hope of Jesus in their heart language!

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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