One Million Bibles for Africa!

Lives are being transformed all across Africa through your gift of the Bible!

“These New Testaments are an answered prayer for my church planting efforts. The residents we’ve been reaching are from very poor families and cannot afford a Bible.”

— Pastor Mwangi*, Kenya

“I’ve never owned a Bible. At home, we have nothing. It’s so exciting that someone thought of me and brought me a Bible.”

— Joseph*, Grade 7, Kenya

“Now I can get to know Jesus better.”

— Abina*, Grade 6, Ghana

The Million Bible Project in Africa reached 1 million people with the Gospel by providing the Bible in the heart languages of 33 African countries. We have seen tremendous fruit through the power of God’s Word among children, adults, refugees, people in hospitals and prisons, military groups, and so many more.

The hunger for God’s Word is so intense that the Million Bible Project has even experienced exceptional openness among military and government leadership.

Children across Africa are receiving school credit for reading the Gospel, and for many of them, it’s their first encounter with the Word of God. Entire families are being transformed. One pastor shared that domestic violence has become nonexistent in the homes where the Bible has been read.

We are so grateful to our faithful friends for helping to bring light into darkness all across Africa. This generosity is helping to transform lives and eternities!

*Name changed for privacy

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