“Our kids slept with the Bible under their pillows.”

Giving school children in Jordan the gift of a lifetime

Muna* wanted to do more than equip her students for life . . . she wanted to prepare them for eternity.

She taught religion in a small school of 25 students in Jordan but had no budget for Christian books and Bible resources. That’s when she wrote to the local Bible Society asking for help. And generous partners came through for the kids!

Thanks to the support of many generous friends, the students received Bibles, children stories, and Christian books. Some of the children received their very first Bible from this distribution, and the response was incredible.

One parent says, “Our kids slept hugging their books.” Another shares, “Our kids slept with the Bible under their pillows.” Now, in addition to learning how to read and write, they are discovering the eternity-changing principles of God’s Word.

Muna says, “Students started to be more interested in reading the Bible, and some of them are committed to read it every night regularly.”

This effort is not only an investment in the future of these children, but also in the future of Christianity in Jordan. Jordanian Christians are among the oldest Christian communities in the world. However, their numbers, as in other Middle Eastern areas, are declining.

A big challenge facing the church is how to make the Gospel accessible to young generations. Over 70 percent of Jordanian society is comprised of youth. That means there is hope for the future if we can engage them in God’s Word in a way they can understand and relate to.

Ongoing support from our friends makes Bible distribution to school children, refugees, and other vulnerable youth possible. Thank you!

*Name changed for privacy

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