Please Pray - Fall 2010


In 2008, we organized two youth festivals in Dhaka and Khulna. This prompted the Christian community to ask for follow-up programs. So in May 2009, we held another festival, Mission Bangladesh, to encourage people to get involved in mission work. This year, one of our slogans is 1,000 Missionaries Beyond Bangladesh; our ultimate aim is to have 20,000 Bangladeshi missionaries. Please give thanks to God for the warm response to our efforts and ask him to bless our nation.


We have much to be thankful for in Ghana. Praise God for the launch of the Esahie Faith Comes By Hearing® Proclaimers™ and for the transformed lives of many children who have received Bibles through our One Million Bibles for School Children project. In just two-and-one-half years, nearly 600,000 Bibles have been distributed. Please pray that we have the funds to distribute 1 million Bibles under this program. We are also grateful for the Lord's beneficence in our translation projects. In particular, we thank him for the completed Ewe translation, as well as the Asante, Akuapem and Fante revision projects. We hope these Bibles will be made available soon.


Please pray for our country in the wake of the earthquake, which affected 3 million of our people.
We are still in turmoil, and we need your prayers to help us rebuild our country. Although we are in a precarious situation, our work for God must continue. To that end, please keep praying for the Haitian Creole Study Bible, which we hope to finish this year. Pray also for the completion of our projects that have been funded and
that financing will be forthcoming for our next projects.


Thank God for the relative political stability in our country and growing collaboration with the Church. Praise him, too, for the various Bible engagement programs that are reaching thousands of children annually. In particular, our youth programs continue to attract many visitors to the Books for Life resource center. And please pray that our weekly television program continues to fulfill its mission of positively affecting young people. Pray, too, for the Bible-based holistic services we're implementing with various underprivileged groups.

United States of America

Please pray for the Bible crisis here in our own country. Studies show that people may have a Bible on the shelf but are not reading it. This is contributing to a general lack of knowledge of God's Word and a decline in moral values. Please pray for the effectiveness of American Bible Society's outreach with the truth and grace of God's Word to the Armed Services, the incarcerated, at-risk youth, the poor and undernourished, Latinos and people reliant on mobile communications tools.

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