Please Pray - Winter 2011

At the dedication and worship service for the long-awaited Revised Vietnamese Bible in Ho Chi Min City, there were more than 400 pastors, leaders and Christian well-wishers. This was a proud and moving moment because pastors from the Evangelical Church of Vietnam, North and South, had worked together on this project. Photo Courtesy of Joyce van de Veen (UBS Netherlands) and Jenise Lee (UBS Singapore).

Please pray for us to have the courage and strength to tackle our many challenges and opportunities. More people are attending church, so pray for more Scriptures to be made available. We are able to produce Scriptures within the country, but we need the freedom to import them as well. Also ask for protection for staff and volunteers as we seek to do the work we are called to.


Please pray for the ongoing work on the New Croatian Bible translation project. We have been hit hard by the recession, so please join us in praying that our Scripture sales increase and that we have the resources we need to continue our work. New opportunities have opened up for us to distribute Scriptures in hospitals and libraries; please pray that we are able to develop good relationships that enable us to reach many people.


Give thanks for peace following the general election. Praise God, too, for the success of the Good Samaritan program, for the expansion of our rural literacy project and for the impact of the Faith Comes By Hearing® program. Pray for our ongoing translation projects and for openness and wisdom among Church leaders as they join us in challenging people to engage with
God's Word.

U.S. Armed Services

Please pray for the physical, emotional and spiritual strength of our active-duty servicemen and women, veterans and chaplains as they confront the challenges of war on and off the battlefield. Please pray for protection for returning service members and their families. Pray that American Bible Society's Armed Services Ministry will be effective in reaching these men, women and families with God's healing Word.


The Evangelical Church — the largest denomination here, with some 300 congregations — will celebrate 100 years of Protestantism in Vietnam in 2011. Please pray as we prepare a limited edition of the Revised Vietnamese Bible in time for these celebrations. Give thanks for increased Bible usage among Catholics and for the popularity of an annual Bible quiz in Northern Vietnam. This quiz is helping to strengthen the spiritual foundation of young people.

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