Pray Around the World Spring 2014

Pray that the requests from the Bible Societies of Bulgaria, China, Guatemala, Jordan, Mozambique and Central African Republic will be answered.

Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for the spiritual blessings that Christ has brought us from heaven. Ephesians 1.3 (CEV)

Bible Societies around the world are helping to share God’s message of hope and love with those who need it most. Here are prayer requests from a select group of Bible Societies that ask
you to lift them up in prayer.

Please pray for the Bulgarian Bible Society, as it distributes the Scriptures in an almost hostile environment, in a post-communist country with a very strong atheistic heritage. May the Lord continue to strengthen our small staff of three people.

Please pray that the Church in mainland China will supply affordable Bibles to millions of poor people in the country’s urban and rural areas. Ask also that it will carry out Bible translation projects and offer training to pastors and leaders, in addition to delivering programs that develop the spiritual growth of children and teenagers and provide assistance to people with disabilities.

Thank God for the “My Second Chance” project targeting young people involved in gangs. Please pray that the Word of God and the growth of Christian churches may help reduce the levels of violence in the country through the message of peace of the Holy Scriptures.

Please pray for the Bread and Bread Project, which meets basic living and spiritual needs of Syrian refugees. Pray that the staff and volunteers of Bible Society in Jordan may be God’s instruments to effectively reach people. Pray also for funds to acquire a new site and obtain the permit to build a new, better Bible House in Jordan.

Thank God for the establishment of the Bible-a-Month Club that enabled us to donate Bibles to the victims of flooding in Chókwe and Guijá in 2013. Praise God for the progress of Bible translation projects that are about to be completed. Please pray for peace, and political and economic stability in Mozambique.

Central African Republic
Praise God for protecting us during the recent political turmoil and for the successful launch of the Sango Bible in the Translation in Today’s Language. Please pray that this publication will radically change the lives of Central Africans.

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