Providing Aid and Scripture to Iraqi Christians Fleeing Militants

ABS moves quickly to help displaced Iraqi Christians

Thousands of Iraqi Christians have been driven out of their homes by the advancing militants of the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS. Most have fled with little more than the clothes on their backs. The Bible Society is responding with packages of food, hygiene items and Scriptures.

Iraqi Christian families by the thousands have fled Mosul with little more than the clothes on their backs. Many have taken refuge in Kurdistan to the north, a relatively peaceful and autonomous region of Iraq, but the Bible Society team fears that the goodwill towards the refugees may be quickly eroded.

“So many Christian refugees are arriving that the Kurdistan government is saying that it won’t be able to meet all their needs,” reports the Bible Society team. “We are worried that if help does not arrive from outside Kurdistan, their lives could be at risk. These people are deeply traumatized and have already lost everything. We must help provide them with the practical and spiritual support they need.”

What the Bible Society Team in Iraq Is Doing to Help

The Bible Society has been helping the persecuted Christian community in Iraq for a number of years, providing struggling families with aid packages containing food, medicine, hygiene items and Scriptures. But the onslaught of the Islamic State, which now controls vast areas of Iraq, has created a crisis unlike any in the 2,000-year history of Christianity in Iraq.

Expelled from their homes and robbed of their possessions by the Islamic State militants, thousands more now need the immediate assistance of Bible Society aid packages.

How You Can Help Provide Aid to Iraqi Christian Families

Every $30 you are able to give will provide an aid package of food, medicine and hygiene items for a family of 5 for a week, plus two Scripture items for children and adults.

Because the Bible Society has been active with Christians in Iraq for decades, this aid will be provided through our trusted network of workers in the region. There are many needs in the Middle East right now, none more urgent than the plight of Iraqi Christian families.

Every $30 given will be used to provide immediate aid to desperate Christians who have lost so much.

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