Pray Around the World

Please join us in praying for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

Bible Societies around the world are helping to share God’s message of hope and love with those who need it most. Here are prayer requests from a select group of Bible Societies that ask you to lift them up in prayer.


Bible Society of Nigeria asks you to pray for peace in their country, which has been ravaged by terrorist groups, such as Boko Haram, and pirates. Please pray that the Bible Society can continue to operate safely and smoothly while sharing the hope of God’s Word in this troubled environment.

New Zealand

Ask God to bless Bible Society in New Zealand’s Scripture Engagement campaign called “Pass It On,” which encourages Christians to share the Bible with the next generation of New Zealanders. Pray that God would use this campaign and the Bible Society’s mobile apps for youth to ignite spiritual revival among young people in New Zealand.

South Africa

Join Bible Society of South Africa in praising God for recent progress made in a Bible-based literacy project. The Bible Society also asks you to lift up three translation projects in prayer: new translations into Afrikaans and isiZulu and a special translation project for the Deaf in English. Ask God to use all of these projects to make God’s Word accessible to all South Africans.


Please pray for 11 ongoing Bible translation projects in Vietnam, including a Study Bible, the Bible in Braille and the Bible in Sign Language. Ask a special blessing for the Jahari and Koho New Testaments, which will be completed by the end of 2016. Ask God to reach new people groups through the power of his Word.


Join Suriname Bible Society in celebrating God’s faithfulness throughout its 50 years of service, which was celebrated in 2016. The Bible Society asks you to praise God for the recent completion of the Sranang Tongo Bible and to lift up the ongoing Old Testament translations into Suriname Javanese, Aukan and Saramaccan.

Costa Rica

Please pray for Bible Society of Costa Rica as it forms a network of local churches that will collaborate with the migrant assistance project in the country. This coalition uses the Bible’s message of freedom and peace to fight modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Ask God to use the efforts to bring peace and justice to Costa Rica.

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