“My family and my life have changed.”

Translating the Bible for those who speak minority languages in Argentina

Camila* has a strong desire to serve God . . . even though her family doesn’t always understand.

“I have three sons and one daughter. My family and children say I should leave the church. But I said, ‘No, I cannot.’ I want to continue forward with the Lord,” Camila says.

Living in poverty in Argentina (the daily reality for about 40 percent of the population) can be difficult, but Camila has determined to place her trust in God. And He has come through for her!

“My kids were sick, and it was difficult, but we have a God who heals. After praying, they were healed,” Camila says.

Camila longed to learn more about God in her own heart language of West Toba. She had a Bible in Spanish but struggled to read it.

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Camila recently received a translation of the New Testament in her heart language!

“Now I can read in my language. I am happy and excited that I can read in my language,” she says. “It is good for me and my family.”

Your gifts allowed Camila to take the Word of God into her home for her family. And as a result, she says, “My family and my life have changed . . . Through the Bible, we are learning better the words of our language. Through this I can teach my children who don’t know how to read our language.”

Reading Scripture in your heart language is powerful and life changing, and we are so grateful to our financial partners for making this effort possible through their ongoing support.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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