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A student at el Bethel Yagma School in Burkina Faso is holding the illustrated Ma Première Bible. (Photo by Joyce Van De Veen.)

Thank God for his grace in granting peace for our country and The Bible Society of Benin. Thank him, too, for our good relations with the churches and for our translation, literacy, distribution, fundraising and Faith Comes By Hearing® programs. Pray for our links with government offices and non government organizations for holistic projects.

Burkina Faso
Praise God for his blessings, even in difficult financial circumstances. Give thanks for the forthcoming publication of the San Bible and pray for its influence on those who read it. Continue to remember our ongoing translation projects. Ask for God's protection for all our staff and pray for the impact of our literacy program.

Following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, aftershocks and additional earthquakes and tsunami warnings plagued the island nation. Japan has also been facing the threat of nuclear contamination, as submerged reactors were rendered inoperable. More than 10,000 lives have been lost and hundreds of thousands were forced to evacuate in northern Japan.

Please pray for rescue efforts and care for survivors and families with lost loved ones. Pray for the outreach of the Japan Bible Society, providing critical ministry and God's Word for thousands affected. Pray for protection against further aftershocks.

Praise God for the final year of the Yao translation project, asking that we will be able to publish this Bible as soon as possible. Pray for our other translation projects, for the Good Samaritan program and for the National Scripture Recital Extravaganza and Bible Youth Advocates projects. Give thanks for the Bible shop in the north and remember the Faith Comes By Hearing® program and our local fundraising initiatives.

We give thanks to God for Pan de Vida, a program that allowed us to provide breakfasts and scriptures to child survivors of last year's floods here, for the impact of literacy projects for the Quechua, for our campaign for the prevention of domestic violence and for the national Read the Bible campaign. Pray that God continues to bless us and that we can continue to help Peru's neediest people.

We praise God for keeping us well. We also thank him for the successful completion of the Chuvash Bible translation, a project that lasted 19 years. Please join us in prayer for God's blessing and help to complete the Bible translation in contemporary Russian and prepare it for printing. We ask God to continue blessing our ministry of distributing Scriptures and promoting Bible engagement in russia.

American Bible Society staff members prayed on behalf of more than 500 donor prayer requests on April 15. Let us know your prayer requests for our next donor prayer event.

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