Pray Around the World

Pray that the requests from the Bible Societies of Angola, Egypt, Republic of Georgia, Israel, Arabian Gulf States and Philippines will be answered

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to distribute Scriptures in a country ravaged by years of war and destruction. Please pray for the spread of the work developed by the Bible Society across the country, so that it can meet the growing demand for Scriptures. Pray also for holistic ministries that fight poverty and the AIDS epidemic. Pray, too, for literacy programs and initiatives that help war victims recover from trauma.

Please pray that the Bible Society of Egypt will be an effective participant in the country’s reconstruction. Ask God to make it possible to finish rebuilding the Bible Society bookstores that have been completely torched and destroyed, as well as to produce the right kind of biblical literature to be distributed in this difficult moment for the country. Praise God that one bookstore has already been renovated.

Please pray for an equitable solution for the problems of our country, especially for the thousands of families that are internally displaced and homeless. Pray also for the effective distribution and use of the new Georgian Bible.

Thank God for the ongoing provision of resources that allows us to print and distribute the Bible in different formats to various segments of the population. Please pray for the completion of the Hebrew Old Testament in audio and for the distribution of the Book of Psalms in audio to the elderly, the sick, the visually impaired and soldiers.

Praise God for the successful distribution of 140,000 Bibles and New Testaments in 60 languages to migrant workers, 10,000 children’s Bibles and 5,000 CDs. Please pray for the storytelling workshops that will train 5,000 people. And pray that we may get funding to translate and distribute the Hope Booklet in more than 10 languages.

Please pray for the success of the “May They Be One Bible” campaign that aims to distribute 5 million Bibles to poor Filipino families. Pray also that the Lord will open more doors and bring more partners to share the task of bringing God’s Word to Filipinos

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