Prayer for Gaza

A Call for Prayer for the Gaza Strip

Street life in Gaza City. West Bank. Photo by Stephen Wilson

Dear Bible Society friends and colleagues,

Our hearts are broken as we witness the escalation of hostilities in Gaza and southern Israel. We invite you all to join us in praying for a speedy end to this terrible war; for God’s peace and mercy, for the prevalence of godliness, and for respect for the sanctity of human life. Israelis and Palestinians are at war; we are not. Through our single identity in Christ and his lordship we experience his peace, practice his love, and hold on to him as our hope. We value our fellowship in him and with you all. We are committed to serving our communities with the gospel of peace and forgiveness. We will sweat for that which Christ bled for, and labor for that which Christ died for.

In a couple of days we shall gather to pray and launch a ministry initiative to the peoples of Gaza and southern Israel. Meanwhile, we are actively involved, even if at a low level, in serving humanitarian needs in Gaza. All of our staffs and their immediate families are safe so far, whether in Gaza, or outside in Israel and the West Bank.

We value your prayers and solidarity.

1 Timothy 2.1-4

The Bible Societies’ Leadership Team

Special Ministry Opportunity

Through a joint effort of the Palestinian Bible Society, the Bible Society in Israel and the Arab-Israeli Bible Society, there is an immediate opportunity for you to help deliver life-saving resources to those in the war-torn communities of the Gaza Strip.

Get more information about this special project.

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