President's Message - No Stopping Love

There is a piece in the Christmas narrative that catches me every year. It is the blazing message, shouted across the night sky and declared by a babe in a cattle trough — love will not be stopped.

With all the flash and flurry of our holidays, this still remains the central declaration and hope of Christmas —
that the “Word becomes flesh” (John 1.1), a “son is given to us” (Isaiah 9.6), God's love comes to us and will not
be stopped.

We have been given such a precious gift, one we must not keep to ourselves. Especially in this holiday season, I am so very aware of those who remain waiting to read and discover this same story for themselves. For so many facing hunger, isolation, and fear — God's Word provides the answers and hope they need.

I think especially of those men and women spending this Christmas far away from loved ones as they serve and protect the freedoms we enjoy. My prayers also reach out for those in places of danger, loneliness and loss. For each and all of these men, women and children, let's join together to bring a strong and resounding Christmas message — God's love will not be stopped.

Thank you again and again for all that you do to help bring the living Word of God to so many. On behalf of our staff family, my wife Vickie and myself, may you enjoy the full and unending joy of Christ this Christmas.

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