“The Audio Bible Was a Great Comfort.”

The audio Bibles you provide help migrant workers find new life in Christ!

Every day in the Arabian Gulf, migrant workers must endure awful, life-threatening working conditions — Mahesh* knows this well.

While at work, Mahesh was crushed by a beam and narrowly escaped death. He spent a long recovery period in the hospital for his internal injuries, but he only grew weaker due to poor nutrition. Mahesh knew he would be unable to work after the accident.

Thanks to the kindness of faithful Bible Society friends, Mahesh received an audio Bible he could understand to comfort him during his recovery in the hospital!

A pastor who cared for Mahesh said, “The Bible stories and the lessons on the Gospel were a great comfort for him. Last week, he responded to the Gospel and became a follower of Jesus.”

Because Mahesh was illiterate, the audio Bible was instrumental in helping him receive the message of new life through Christ in Scripture.

Before leaving the hospital, Mahesh told the pastor, “It was through you that I came to know Jesus and His love. I know I may not be able to work as I used to, but I am hopeful that God will continue to take care of me and my family.”

We are grateful for the on-going support of our generous financial partners for providing migrant workers like Mahesh with the hope and strength they need. The Scripture and audio Bibles provided bring comfort to hurting souls around the world.

*Name changed for privacy

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