“Receiving this Bible was a dream come true.”

God’s Word is changing lives in Central Africa

Jacques* first heard the Good News when he was a little boy. He was struck by the message of love and hope found in Scripture, and he immediately gave his life to Christ.

As he grew older, Jacques was desperate to turn to God’s Word for comfort and understanding. Yet because Bibles were not available in his heart language, Beembe, it would be decades before Jacques could read the Gospel.

There are many people like Jacques living in the Republic of the Congo, a country mired in economic crisis. Civil wars and conflicts are common, and nearly half the population lives in poverty.

They need the Word of God and the peace, love, and serenity it provides. That’s why our faithful financial partners are so important . . .

Because of their support, Jacques’ prayers were answered when he finally received the New Testament in Beembe! This new translation was finally brought to Jacques and other Congolese people who longed for a deep personal relationship with Jesus.

“Receiving this Bible was a dream come true,” Jacques says. “God now talks to me in my own language, and I feel directly influenced by the Bible’s message since I better understand it. I am so grateful to you for this Bible.”

We are so grateful for our supporters for enabling the translation of God’s Word, and for making it possible for people like Jacques to have Scripture in their heart language.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

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