International Update Spring 2014

South Sudan:
New Translation Brings Forgiveness

The Shilluk people of South Sudan have experienced more than 22 years of war and conflict. And they endured it all without a translation of the Bible in their language. But now the Bible Society of South Sudan, with support from American Bible Society, has completed a translation of the entire Bible in the Shilluk language. “We need this new Bible to help us forgive,” one Shilluk woman explains. “Then we can move on, living by what we read in the Bible.”

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Literacy Brings Scripture to Hearts

In some rural churches in Peru, 95 percent of believers lack the reading comprehension necessary to understand God’s Word. That’s why American Bible Society is supporting the Peruvian Bible Society’s project to increase literacy through Scripture-based materials. So far, the Peruvian Bible Society has provided materials for five language groups in Quechua communities in the Andes mountains of Peru. As reading group facilitators teach literacy, they also address the application of biblical themes, such as preventing domestic violence. The success of the program in Peru has led to similar programs in Ecuador, Panama, Bolivia and Chile.

Bibles for Thousands of Children

In India, the demand for children’s Scripture is so high that the Bible Society of India has published children’s editions of the Bible in 30 languages, including all the major Indian languages. Now, with support from American Bible Society, they are continuing to meet the demand for Bibles in Christian schools, Sunday schools and Vacation Bible School classes.

The Bibles often have a significant effect on the lives of children. The mother of one 9-year-old child said, “My son was so undisciplined and could not be controlled. After reading the Children’s Bible published by The Bible Society, he has completely changed. He has accepted Jesus as his God. I see a radical change in him. I have bought a full Bible in Hindi to read it for myself.”

Youth Rooted in Scripture

In Togo, more than 60 percent of the population is under age 25. These youth face challenges, including widespread unemployment, violence, poverty and an increasingly secular lifestyle. The Bible Society of Togo, with support from American Bible Society, is working to provide the youth of Togo with a framework for spiritual development based on the Bible. Through Bible quizzes, camps, conferences, radio broadcasts and websites, the Bible Society of Togo is working to communicate the life-changing message of the Gospel to children and young adults throughout the country.

Bible Distribution Increases, Despite Unrest

Despite interruptions from curfews, demonstrations and strikes, the Bible Society of Egypt is still providing Scripture resources to poor children and their families, a project American Bible Society supports.

“We have distributed more Scriptures than ever in 2013,” says Ramez Atallah, general director of the Bible Society of Egypt. “Undoubtedly, as people feel insecure, they turn more to God’s Word for comfort and encouragement. Pray with us to know creative ways to better reflect what the Prince of Peace would say to Egypt.”

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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