“My being alive is the first miracle.”

People in China are experiencing God’s love because of the faithfulness of people like you.

Chang’s* smile lights up the room when he talks about the three miracles that have taken place in his long life. Born in 1938, he says, “I survived one World War, two civil wars, the Great Famine, and Cultural Revolution. My being alive is the first miracle.”

For Chang, his wife still being alive is the second miracle. She was diagnosed with an incurable disease early in their marriage. The doctor told Chang, “Nobody can save your wife unless there is a god.”

At the time, Chang was serving in the Red Guard during China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-76), which banned all religions. “We persecuted and arrested religious people,” he recalls. But he began to wonder about this God for whom Christians would endure such abuse. He arranged to meet with some of them with his wife. Hearing the Gospel for the first time, she became a believer! They prayed for her, and after several visits, she was healed!

As the Cultural Revolution ended, Chang began to attend a local church and committed his life to Jesus. But the church only had one handwritten Bible, and congregants were allowed to see it, but not to read it. Many years passed, but eventually, the church received Bibles to share with the congregation — thanks to the generosity of our faithful partners.

Chang and his wife were overjoyed to finally have their own personal Bible at home. They say their third miracle is, “People who love us from the other side of the world have provided us Bibles. I never imagined that would happen in my lifetime.” They even received extra copies, and Chang says, “We give them to new believers.”

Thank you to our friends for their continued generosity that places God’s Word into waiting hands and hearts in China and all over the world!

*Name changed for privacy

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