“The Bible helped me to forgive”

Rwandan genocide widow finds comfort in the Bible!

As a young, married woman, Elise* lived a simple but peaceful life in Rwanda, where she was born.

Then a violent civil war broke out and many people fled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to escape persecution. History would call this volatile period the Rwandan genocide. Just as Elise and her husband planned to run for their lives, he became gravely ill with dysentery. They were trapped!

Elise had never felt so frightened and alone.

Her husband died and Elise was left with her children in the violent region with no one to help. She was traumatized. “Many of my family and friends were killed by the soldiers or militia,” she recalls.

The Rwandan genocide lasted three months and countless families were caught in the crossfire. In that time, 800,000 people died from brutal warfare.

No one came to help Elise and she felt abandoned and afraid. As a result, her crippling bitterness haunted her for many years. But all that changed when friends like you gave her the hope of the Bible.

“The lessons I learned in the Bible helped me to forgive my family members and neighbors,” Elise says. “The Bible ministry group helped me find joy, love, and commitment in prayers. Now I am happy with peace of heart.”

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*Name changed to protect privacy.

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