The Bible in Social Media

Children in Goma, DRC excitedly embrace their new Bibles. Photo credit: Michael Gibeault

Facebook is not just a space for photos or birthday greetings. It’s a place to experience God’s Word. And American Bible Society is leveraging the power of communicating through social media to make Scripture available to more people around the world.

In the past three months, ABS used their corporate Facebook site to share Scripture through seasonal campaigns. The first week of 2013 featured Scripture-based New Year’s resolutions including, “I will think better thoughts,” based on Philippians 4:8 and “I will tame my tongue,” based on Proverbs 15:4. The campaign gained a large following as people shared, commented on and liked the posts.

One follower of the ABS Facebook page wrote that she had shared the biblically based New Year’s resolutions with other women from her church, and her pastor even preached on the topic.

“The Facebook campaigns have been really well received by the social media communities. People enjoy sharing the images with their friends and seem to find Scriptures tied with the season a helpful way to connect their daily moments with God’s Word,” ABS Director of Brand and Social Media Gail Martin says.

In addition to their corporate Facebook site, ABS uses other Facebook pages, including the Jesus Page, The Daily Bible and Circle of Prayer to share God’s Word. The Jesus Page, with more than 1 million followers, shares Scripture, encouraging messages and prayers with its audience.

One follower of the Jesus page wrote, “[This page] has allowed me to return to quiet times and I have grown to know his love for me more. This along with the Bible verses I have subscribed to have enriched my life.”

ABS has also uses Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to share God’s Word on a daily basis.

“For some people, this little bit of Truth in their day has come at just the right time, and may be the only opportunity they take that day to connect with the Bible,” Martin says.

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