“The Bible is Better than Food and Shelter.”

You are healing broken hearts in South Asia through Jesus’ love!

Varsha* has seen much suffering. Growing up in South Asia as part of a minority group, she’s faced extreme prejudice, often living in slums or on the streets.

Varsha also suffered many personal tragedies, including the loss of her father and her home. She eventually tried to commit suicide, which led to an out-of-body event where she felt angels bringing her to Heaven.

Though Varsha was baptized after her marriage, she did not have a strong personal relationship with her faith.

But thanks to faithful believers, Varsha received a Bible through her local pastor — which changed her life forever.

“The Bible is better than food and shelter. Giving the Bible is like giving life to people, which can transform their lives,” Varsha says. “After receiving the Word of God from my pastors and my neighbors, I started feeling better and blessed.”

Though Varsha has faced many years of hardship and challenges, her old despair has been replaced with new happiness and purpose. Now, she can help others grow in their faith as well. She says, “I am devoting my time to teaching children at Sunday school in the village. That has given me encouragement and joy in my life.”

We are thankful to our generous partners for providing Bibles to those who cannot afford one. Throughout South Asia, people like Varsha are growing in their faith through the Scriptures.

*Name changed for privacy

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