“The Bible Really Saved My Life.”

You are helping to provide Bibles for our Troops in harm’s way!

Reflecting on his military deployments in the Middle East, Lieutenant Michael Ellison* explains, “When you’re in a combat zone, nothing is safe. There were even bombings on the base.” Being shot at, dodging mortars, and looking for hidden bombs were part of daily life as Michael and his unit encountered some of the most brutal Taliban fighters in the region. That is why the Bibles you help provide are so important.

Once, while Michael was dealing with a Taliban detainee, he removed the man’s handcuffs to give him something to drink. The man had razor blades hidden between his fingers. He viciously attacked Michael, inflicting multiple lacerations before help arrived. It was during such times that Michael’s favorite verse of Scripture came to mind: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil” (Psalm 23:4a KJV).

Michael received a compact military Bible when he entered boot camp. “I never left base without having a Bible in my pocket,” he says. “That Bible was a big piece of my getting through everything there. The Bible really saved my life and saved me.”

By the time Michael was discharged, he not only had battle scars but also a leg injury, traumatic brain injury, and severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The night terrors and flashbacks nearly ended his marriage. But the Bible continues to sustain Michael through these trials, and he keeps his Bible with him almost everywhere he goes.

The generosity of our partners is providing the lifeline of God’s Word to Soldiers like Michael who desperately need the Lord’s comfort and encouragement on the frontlines — and after they return home from battle. We’re thankful for their continued dedication to this mission!

*Names changed for privacy

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