The Bible Strengthens and Repairs Family Relationships in Peru

Where abuse is prevalent, a Scripture-based program helps change lives.

Violence was a daily part of life for 31-year-old Anacleta. Her house was “like a hell,” and her domineering husband was abusive.

“I didn’t want to continue living like this, and I wanted it to change,” she says.

Anacleta’s experience, unfortunately, is not unique. Violence is a part of life for many women and children in Peru. Daily harassment on the streets, abuse of minors, as well as the physical and emotional abuse of women in their own homes are all prevalent, but have been largely ignored by authorities and society alike.

UNICEF reports that half of all children under the age of 18 will experience some form of abuse. In rural areas, half of the women will suffer abuse. That’s why American Bible Society supports a program to provide a holistic, Bible-based approach to healing.

Anacleta received her first Bible through this program, and as she studied Scripture in her heart language of Quechua, she began to pray that her marriage could be repaired.

“I know God exists because he is changing my husband,” Anacleta said. “Now we live better together, and we can make decisions together and communicate.”

Anacleta is just one example of how the Bible is strengthening and repairing family relationships in Peru.

Thanks to generous financial partners of American Bible Society, God’s Word is helping heal suffering women and children.

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