The first Bible ever in Braille for Uganda’s Acholi people!

Waiting souls now have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their heart language.

The long-awaited moment finally arrived. Hundreds of men, women, and children gathered in the town of Gulu, Uganda to celebrate a tremendous milestone as the first Braille Bible in the Acholi language was made available to the Blind community.

“It was hard for them to hide their excitement as many kept bursting into loud elations, dancing and holding the Acholi Braille Bible,” recalls Alfred Angudubo, Administrator of the Bible Society’s Acholi Branch.

Tragically, blind and visually impaired people in northern Uganda and part of South Sudan are typically shunned and excluded — even from church participation — because of their disability. Among this group, those living without the hope of Jesus often consider suicide in the face of distressing trauma and other overwhelming challenges.

Thanks to our partners, the Blind community of Uganda can now have God’s Word in their hands and hearts! They can read for themselves about the love of Jesus. They can confidently grow in their faith and share the Good News with family and friends.

As Denis Komakech shared, “With this Acholi Braille Bible, we will have the opportunity to do readings in churches, and the community will start to see the value in people who are visually impaired.” These Braille Bibles empower them to be witnesses for Christ, to participate in church activities and even leadership roles, and more.

Our partners are helping fulfill the Great Commission by helping reach the Blind community in Uganda with God’s Word in Braille in their heart language! We are grateful!

*Names changed for privacy

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