Healing for a Broken Heart

The Bible is giving hurting souls a new start in Kenya.

How do you love someone who made your life a nightmare?

As a child in Kenya, Mwende* lived in fear. She was beaten daily with a stick or belt. Her tormentor? An alcoholic father.

Terrorized every day of her life, Mwende’s broken heart grew to hate her father. She was full of bitterness when she finally left home as a young adult.

Then, about five years ago, Mwende received a Bible provided by friends like you and completed a Bible-based trauma healing program. She gave her scarred heart to Christ and found healing!

“The Bible is everything my life needs,” she says. “The trauma healing program helped bring healing to my heart.”

God wasn’t through with Mwende’s heart … eventually she forgave her father. Miraculously, he began going to church and Mwende says that he is now “a good friend.”

Today, Mwende is the administrator of an orphanage and shares Scripture with the children. She says the Bibles that friends like you provide “have been a blessing to me as an individual, a blessing to the children, and a blessing to the community.”

Mwende also shares why Bible-based trauma healing sessions are so vital to the children: “When children come and feel that they’re abandoned, or they wonder, ‘Why am I here, not in a family?’ it has really been able to heal them. They’re now happy. They look at life more positively and their lives have changed.”

The support of American Bible Society partners helps heal broken hearts like Mwende’s and comforts children who face great trauma around the world. Adults and children who suffer from the effects of war, violence, and other tragedies discover God’s peace and healing through the Bibles and Scripture-based programs you provide. We are so grateful for the generosity and faithfulness of our financial partners which make life transformation like this possible in Kenya and around the world.

*Name changed to protect privacy

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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