The Little Girl That Could

Abby Jenkins; photo courtesy of Julie Jenkins.

Principal Judi B. Smith of Horizon Christian Elementary & Middle School in Tualatin, Ore., sent us this heart-warming letter:

The story of Abby Jenkins is precious and makes me smile every time I retell it. On Jan. 25 in our weekly chapel, each kindergarten through fifth-grade student was given a pad of paper and a pencil. Surrounded by live piano worship music, they were exhorted to be quiet and listen to what the Holy Spirit might say, and then write it down. Six-year-old Abby wrote down that God said, “I want Egyptian street kids to have Bibles.”

Shy and retiring Abby made an appointment with me, brought in her pad of paper and explained that she knew God had spoken that message to her. She felt that she was to sell bracelets for $1 to raise money for the Bibles. In our second meeting, she had done all the research I asked of her and told me that the Bibles would be purchased from ABS, would cost $5 each, and that she thought God said there would be money for 80 Bibles. Inwardly, I gasped . . . 80 Bibles . . . we only have 350 students and they are not all going to buy silicone bracelets that say “Lord, hear our prayer.” Didn't she know that $400 was too grand a number?

So, on March 7, Abby announced in chapel that she would sell bracelets for six lunch periods in March. She told the story of listening to God, and our young audience strained to hear every word this meek first grader said. The next day in the cafeteria, bracelets were sold and students came and emptied their piggy banks and allowances — repeatedly giving donations above and beyond the $1 bracelet cost. Six hundred and thirty dollars later, God showed his power to move hearts and wallets.

We joyfully enclose the check and pray that many Egyptian children would know Christ because a tiny servant of Jesus obediently listened to his voice.

American Bible Society will commit this gift to 126 Bibles for Egyptian children. Thank you Abby Jenkins!

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