“They Threatened to Kill Me and Throw Me in the River!”

People are risking their lives in Central Asia to provide Bibles and show the JESUS Film

Pastor Askarov* is a humble, plain-spoken man. He followed the call of God a few years ago and moved to a region of Central Asia where Christians were being severely persecuted and driven out. He and his wife rented a house and began to minister to the people in their immediate community.

“In the beginning, it was very difficult,” Pastor Askarov recalls. “Non-believers threatened to kill me and throw me in the river and to burn my home. They broke my windows. But praise God, He protected us. We pray for them and try to build a relationship with them, too. Now, it is good. They are not threatening us anymore.”

Now, Pastor Askarov travels between five remote villages in the area to meet with small groups of people, show the JESUS Film, and share God’s Word. “There are no churches or Christian groups here,” he explains. “Only us. But I am very grateful to God that I am here, so I can reach them, and they would hear the Word of God, and they would get saved.”

Because of the generosity of our financial partners, Pastor Askarov and thousands of others like him are able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in some of the most hostile and remote regions of the world. We are so grateful for their dedication to providing God’s Word.

*Name changed for privacy

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