They Walk for Days to Distribute Bibles

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How do you deliver Bibles to the Patamona people who live in the most remote mountain ranges of Guyana, South America? Just ask Sister Makayla*, the petite, middle-aged Patamona woman who serves as a Bible Society translation coordinator.

She and her teams travel three to four days at a time — on foot — to reach the villages that are home to roughly 5,000 Patamona people. Many of the villagers have heard the Gospel message in the past and committed their lives to Jesus, but they never had Bibles in their heart language.

First by plane and then on foot, Sister Makayla leads a group carrying Bibles, tents, and food for the journey on their backs. “We walk the distance with heavy loads. We carry the Word of God to our people,” she shares. The terrain along the mountain pathways is difficult and slippery, and Sister Makayla adds, “There are jaguars and snakes . . . I thank God for protecting us.”

They have placed hundreds of printed and audio Bibles into the hands of men, women, and children who have longed to read and hear God’s Word.

Patamona people — young and old — are giving their lives to Christ, getting baptized, and growing in their faith as they read and listen to the Bibles our faithful partners help provide. In neighboring Suriname, the CEO of the local Bible Society reports, “It’s supernatural what God is doing among the indigenous people. God is working beyond our imagination.”

We are so thankful to our generous friends for helping to reach the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus in the heart languages of millions worldwide!

*Name changed for privacy

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