“This is a miracle the Lord has given us today.”

People rejoice for the Bible translation provided in Uganda

There was much rejoicing in Uganda recently at the dedication of the Kupsapiiny Bible translation. Thanks to the support of people like you who care deeply about sharing God’s Word, the New Testament and Psalms were released to the Sabiny people group in their own language.

“We have come to celebrate the Bible in our local language. This is a miracle the Lord has given us today,” church leaders told the crowd amid clapping and cheers of joy.

Locals gathered in Kapchorwa Village to see their long-awaited translation and receive a copy of God’s Word. Attendees at this important event say they pray the Bible will help them know God and serve Him better.

Some of the joyful comments from church leaders and villagers include:

“We are full of praise to God for this occasion and for this day.”
“Can you imagine that the Bible is coming now in our own local language after almost 100 years?”
“The New Testament has come to us today. We can read and understand what God is telling us. It came in the language of our people. This book is inspired by God. This book has life. This Word of the Lord gives us life.”
“The Light has come. The Bible is the Light. The Bible comes so we can understand the Word in our own language.” “Read the Bible. Your life will not be the same. Your life will be transformed.”

We rejoice with them and celebrate the power of God’s Word released into their lives. Because of the ongoing faithfulness of our partners, translation efforts continue with the Old Testament in the Kupsapiiny language.

We are so grateful to our generous partners for all they do to support Bible translation efforts in Uganda and around the world.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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