Transforming lives in Ethiopia!

“I have learned love and care from Jesus Christ.”

Amadi* was living a miserable life in a small town in Ethiopia. Because of the widespread poverty and lack of opportunity, he saw no other choice but to turn to crime to survive and substance abuse to numb his pain.

Soon, Amadi tried to spread his misery to other people in his community.

“My life had no meaning at all,” he says. “I had no spiritual experience, and I was harassing Christians to try and disband the community well-being.”

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world, and nearly half the population is unable to read. With few paths to prosperity and little hope for the future, it is no wonder people like Amadi feel lost and hopeless.

When he found out there was an audio Bible listening group in his neighborhood, Amadi was hesitant but interested. He began attending the listening sessions and, little by little, his heart opened to God.

“It was a turning point in my life,” Amadi says. “When I heard the Word of God that says God is love and He forgives the sins of humanity, I was so happy.”

Because of the audio Bible provided by friends of American Bible Society like you, Amadi’s life has changed forever.

“There is a big difference between my life before listening to the Word of God and after listening,” he says. “I am now more open and transparent to myself, my family, and my neighbors because I have learned love and care from Jesus Christ.”

We are thankful for our partners for bringing the Good News to Amadi in his heart language. By providing Scripture to hurting people in the ways that will reach them best, they are providing the hope, love, and peace of Jesus around the world.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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