“This Bible has changed my life so much.”

Providing light and healing for refugees, even in the darkest pain.

When the horrific Rwandan genocide began in 1994, Abel* and his family left everything behind as they fled for their lives. Sadly, Abel’s wife and three of his children did not survive. When Abel finally made his way to the safety of a refugee camp in Tanzania, a soldier there told him, “Even a dog here is better than a refugee.”

Grieving the loss of his family and homeland, Abel knew he needed to keep moving. He ultimately arrived at the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, the eighth largest settlement in the world.

Most Rwandan survivors still carry the internal scars of their trauma. After 20 years, Abel’s heart began to mend when he was asked to take part in a Bible-based trauma healing workshop at the settlement. Abel said the experience was “like pure water . . . after a long thirst.”

He was given a Bible from the Bible Society during the workshop, which he was very grateful to receive. He never thought he would have another Bible after leaving his previous copy in

Rwanda. He says, “This Bible has changed my life so much. This automatically changes your relationship with God. You feel and hear Him speak to you right from your own Bible.”

Reading about God’s love for him reassured Abel of his value and gave him hope for the future. Since few others have Bibles in the refugee settlement, Abel is now in a position to share with them the hope he has found in Scripture.

Now, Abel prays that the millions of other refugees can also receive Bibles in their own languages, so that they too can know the love of Jesus and follow His path for their lives. Thank you to our partners for making it possible to share the healing and hope of Scripture with refugees like Abel who have suffered so much!

*Name changed for privacy

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