4 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month with American Bible Society

Use these free resources to inspire your faith!

This Women’s History Month, we thank God for women around the world who advanced the Bible cause—and those who continue to do so today! Here are four ways that everyone can celebrate this month with free resources from American Bible Society!

Spend Time Studying the Lives of Biblical Women

God’s Word shares stories of how ordinary people did extraordinary things through faith. Spend some time this month looking at the women of the Bible—including Esther and Ruth—and see how God strengthens your own faith by their example!

Explore How the Bible Inspired Women throughout History

Countless Changemakers throughout history have found the Bible to be the ultimate source of wisdom, comfort, and hope. This month, explore how historical women like Mary McLeod Bethune, Ida B. Wells, and Frances Snow Hamilton found guidance and strength in Scripture throughout their lives. You can also read about two women who helped shape American Bible Society’s history!

Take a Tour of Liana’s Favorite Bibles

American Bible Society’s librarian, Dr. Liana Lupas, is eager to share the wonderful treasure of Scripture with you! You can tour American Bible Society’s vast Scripture library and learn the secrets of historic Bibles in the Liana’s Favorite Books video series. Start watching today!

Use Scripture to Pray throughout the Month

As you learn about biblical women, explore how the Bible inspired historical Changemakers, and discover hidden treasures with Liana Lupas, consider how the Bible can help transform your own life. We invite you to use this short prayer guide to pray the words of Scripture and meditate on God’s promises to you.

We hope that each of these Bible-centered resources will encourage your faith and draw you deeper into God’s Word!

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