Praise God! “Year of the Bible” Campaign Sees Amazing Results

Millions engage God’s Word through a global campaign promoting the Bible in 2020

My “Year of the Bible” began when I was 14. During a long struggle with insomnia, I turned to Bible reading at night for months on end as a Junior High student. Hours spent reading, praying, and more reading. Then transformation came. Before I could place how exactly, God’s Word came alive in a way I had never experienced before. It was electrifying. I felt God’s presence and heard His voice through the pages of Scripture. God became full color when the Bible first came alive in my heart, transforming my thoughts and infusing me with purpose. I craved Scripture when I missed a nighttime reading. God’s Word brought hope, peace, wisdom and direction. Those sacred moments in Scripture showed me the unparalleled nature and relentless love of the One who would redeem all things, including sleepless nights, for my good. To this day, I reflect with profound gratitude on those early encounters in the Bible that dramatically influenced my life.

“Year of the Bible” is a global movement that seeks to empower a generation to engage Scripture like never before. Throughout 2020, the most-read book in human history was showcased through this movement championing the Bible. According to Fox News, Christian leaders including Pope Francis, Francis Chan, and over 20,000 churches and ministries around the world rallied to support the 2020 “Year of the Bible.” In a year shaken by a global pandemic, societal injustices, natural disasters, and life disruptions, believers around the world united to boldly declare this was their #YearoftheBible.

Millions Engaged God’s Word

American Bible Society joined key Bible ministries in support of “Year of the Bible,” which led to 41,108,997 Bible engagements in 2020. We partnered to produce the Year of the Bible Prayer Planner to inspire deeper experiences in God’s Word. And our prayer community faithfully interceded for growing Bible engagement this year. God moved in response to these prayers! We now celebrate the millions of Bible experiences that happened in 2020 through new video engagement resources, Bible reading apps, and creative audio tools that reached over 187 countries with God’s Word. We celebrate the growing momentum of this campaign that will continue into 2021 and beyond, inspiring us to see more Bible.

Let’s Pray Together:

Father, we praise you for the millions of lives across the world impacted through “Year of the Bible.” We celebrate the unity of Bible partnerships that promoted this campaign. We praise you for the individuals who boldly lifted up your Word this year. We pray you would inspire more Bible engagement globally through this movement in the New Year, as we increasingly grow in love for your holy Word and discover our “Year of the Bible.”

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Laura Gish
Laura Gish

Laura Gish leads Prayer Mobilization for American Bible Society. Originally from Texas, she now calls Philadelphia home. Laura can often be spotted in the city's historic parks with her adorable Westie named Jack, whose charm befriends local passersby. As a displaced Texan, she is still looking for authentic Tex-Mex food in the Northeast. Laura is passionate about the Bible and empowering people to embrace a fascinated lifestyle of prayer.

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