Record Spring 2018 Issue

Through your giving and praying, you are handing first Bibles to Chinese believers who have waited a lifetime for them. You are sharing words of peace with refugees in Jordan. You are being a witness for Jesus here in America and to the ends of the earth. Read about these and more in this issue of Record.

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Quiet Time

When I was in high school, I had the habit of reading the Bible in bed at night. I’d hold my Bible up over my eyes, and as I got sleepier and sleepier, the...

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A Bleeding Woman Touches Jesus in Jordan

Miriam was bleeding. Her wounds, however, were invisible. They were wounds of heartache, fear, and emotional torment. She is a refugee who fled Iraq to the relative safety of Jordan, where her troubles followed her....

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When the Bible Skips a Generation

Tonight, people are staying up past midnight. Tonight, people are crowding together in churches. Tonight, people can hardly contain their excitement. Because tonight, God visits their village. Tonight, God speaks their language. Tonight, they receive...

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Bibles in Floods and Fires

Peace for Americans Who Lost It All You wake to the smell of smoke. You open your bedroom door to see flames climb up the walls of your staircase, engulfing your treasured family photos. Your...

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What if People Found Jesus on Google?

Of the things people googled in 2017, “the Bible” and “Jesus” don’t come close to the top of the list. Mark Smith wants that to change. Mark is the president and CEO of a compression...

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THANK YOU FOR BIBLES! from American Troops

God’s Word is transforming the lives of members of our Armed Services. We’re passing on a big thank you from our Troops for the Bibles you’ve provided. Here are just a few...

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