ABS Launches Spanish Facebook Page

ABS launched its new Spanish Facebook page in December. Photo by Michael Gibeault

Last month, American Bible Society launched a new Facebook page in Spanish. The page, called Biblia y Oración, provides followers with regular Scripture messages and Bible resources in Spanish.

The page has multiple opportunities, explains the page’s facilitator Josh Guerrero. “Whether it’s to find Bible verses, ask for prayer, view what’s happening in the Hispanic Christian community or see what American Bible Society has to offer to them, it’s a page where we can take care of each other and find support and care from God,” Guerrero says.

Within a week of the page’s launch, the page had 2,000 followers and counting. One new follower said that she has used the ABS English page, but is excited to interact with the new Spanish page now.

Another fan commented that she is going to use the page to help her learn Spanish through Scripture. “This will be fun,” she wrote.

The Biblia y Oración Facebook page will support the overall work of ABS by making ABS tools and resources available to those whose preferred language is Spanish, explains ABS Director of Brand and Social Media Gail Martin.

“Hispanics in the U.S. are multicultural, multigenerational, multidenominational and influenced by the American culture as well,” Guerrero says. So there will be similar content to the English page, but it will also offer unique resources that the Hispanic community identifies with.

Check out the new Spanish page here »

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